Spend your Spring Break in Puerto Rico!

Each Spring Break we travel to Puerto Rico to spend a week with our partner church, Iglesia Metodista Obispo Francis Asbury.

Plus, this Fall Break, our friends from Puerto Rico are visiting us in Chapel Hill for mission projects in the Triangle.  Registration coming soon to be part of this mission experience, October 18-22.

Not Your Average Mission Trip

2022 Mission Team at our Partner Church IMOFA

Is this a Mission Trip?

Well, maybe.  But, it's different from many trips you may have been on.  This trip is not about how much work we can do or how many problems we can solve.  Instead, it's about being with our friends at Iglesia Metodista Obispo Francis Asbury (IMOFA).  We've been building  a relationship with IMOFA since 2019.  In this sense, it is a mission trip because God's primary mission is always coming to be with us.  Think about Jesus coming to be with us at Christmas.  Being together is where mission begins.

What will we do?

Whatever our friends ask us to do.  Both IMOFA and the Methodist Church of Puerto Rico are doing incredible work all year long.  Every time we go to Puerto Rico, we ask what the church is already doing and how we can help our friends do the ministry they want to do, whether this is helping Pastora Nilka cook in Barrio Obrero (and re-paint her sanctuary) or helping plant a community garden so IMOFA can better welcome their neighbors to their church.  We're excited to see what this year's projects will be based on IMOFA's dreams!

What else will we do?

Just like when friends visit you in Chapel Hill, our friends in Puerto Rico want to share everything they love about their home.  So, we'll mix in cultural experiences,  explore different parts of the island, worship together, and get some time at the beach.  It's always beach weather in Puerto Rico!

Where exactly are we going?

IMOFA is located in Bayamón, a suburb of San Juan, Puerto Rico's capital.  It is in the North Eastern portion of the island.

When is the trip?

During UNC's Spring Break.  Our we will set our exact dates based on flight availability, but it will be completely within Spring Break.

Do I need to know Spanish?

No.  A great thing about this trip is that if you don't know Spanish, you won't feel left out.  But, if you do know some Spanish, you'll be able to use it and learn more.  And, acho, you'll even learn some Puerto Rican slang.

How much does it cost?

We believe God is going to bring us everything we need for the trip.  What that means in terms of finances is that we ask everyone to make a $100 deposit, and then we work together to raise the rest of the funds.  So far, God has always been faithful, and we trust God will be faithful again this year.  If the $100 deposit would be a hardship for you, contact Campus Minister Ryan Spurrier.

Where do we stay?

IMOFA turns their Sunday School rooms into bunk houses for the week.  We sleep on cots, with showers right there on site.  When you register, you can select either the men's or women's bunk room.  If you have any concerns about this arrangement, feel free to reach out to Campus Minister Ryan Spurrier.  We'll do our best to accommodate.

What do we eat?

Rafy's cooking.  Rafy is an absolute saint of a human being who cooks some of the world's best food.  During our first trip, he came up to Ryan every meal and said, "Pastor, how is the meal?"  "Rafy, this is incredible."  "Tomorrow . . . better."  And it was.  We'll also work to accommodate any dietary needs you have.
"UNC Wesley’s annual Spring Break trip to Puerto Rico is an incredibly meaningful and spiritual experience.  I have never felt closer to God than I did during my time in Puerto Rico--building relationships with our friends at IMOFA and in Wesley . 
 I also got to visit an authentic coffee farm, taste real Puerto Rican food, explore the town of San Juan, and learn how to plant an orchard. This trip is incredibly rewarding, whether it’s your first, second, third, or hundredth time going!"
--Camden Whitlock
Building Planters for IMOFA's Dream of a Community Garden
Prayer Night for the Community with Rafy
Packing Meals for Pastora Nilka's Feeding Ministry in Barrio Obrero