Upperclass Small Groups

This year, Upperclass Small Groups will focus on doing life together as Christians at Carolina.  We'll group you by  the time during the week that you are available for Small Group, and we'll also pay attention to where you are living so that no one has to go too far to meet.  Then, your Small Group can be as creative as you want.  You can meet in the Wesley building or rotate among your dorm rooms and apartments.  You can meet over meals, or combine small group with social events or YoPo runs.  The options are endless.

Each week, we'll give you a Small Group Guide, designed so that anyone in the group can lead without prior preparation.  Our hope is that this model will free you to put your time and energy into being a community with each other.

Upperclass Small Groups will begin the week of Monday, August 22. 

Interested in an Upperclass Small Group? Fill out this form! 

For each of the days below, list all of the times you are willing to meet. Small Groups could meet in the morning, lunch time, afternoon, evening, or late night. Be as specific as possible.