Evangelism & Outreach

Evangelism and Outreach's mission is to bring God's light to UNC . From Chalking the Quad, Ash Wednesday Ashes, and Week of Welcome events, E&O is committed to making campus a more hopeful place.

Mercy & Justice

Once a month, Wesley hosts Community Dinners, where in a flip on Thursday Night Dinner we serve instead of being served. Chapel Hill residents are encouraged to come enjoy a meal prepared by us, free of charge.

Take-What-You-Need is held on the front lawn of University UMC and is exactly what is sounds like: Franklin Street and Chapel Hill's homeless and needy are encouraged to take whatever they need that we have to offer, from socks, deodorant, to comic books.



Missions stretches the boundary of Wesley's impact to the farthest extent--international! Our combination teams allow us to learn through the community as we serve it. Most recently, we worked with Doce Iglesias in Nicaragua!  We also work more closely to home through an ongoing Hurricane Matthew Recovery Effort in Lumberton.