Wesley in Atlanta: Day 1!

We have arrived in Atlanta! After a heartbreaking loss to Duke Saturday night, losing an hour of sleep, my car’s battery dying, and leaving Jane stranded at the RR lot, we made it to church Sunday morning at 9am to begin our journey. Apparently we got all of our mishaps out of the way before the trip. At the pre-trip dinner we talked about going on a pilgrimage rather than a short term mission trip; that way, every step we take to prepare for, participate in, and reflect on the trip is part of our journey. While this is noble symbolism, we couldn’t stop thinking about the Mayflower and Thanksgiving. Therefore, we named the cars The Mayflower aka White Lightning, The Flying Dutchman aka Silver Bullet, and Queen Ann’s Revenge aka Red Thunder. Silver Bullet took the lead for most of the day, while of course Red Thunder followed White Lightning. After a long day of driving we finally arrived at Berea Mennonite Church/Oakleaf Mennonite Farm in Atlanta, GA. Yes you read that right; we are staying on a FARM 15 minutes from downtown Atlanta. Complete with goats, sheep, fields, and farmers, this place is truly unique and we are excited to see what is to come. There are two other groups here from Ohio and North Carolina, totaling around 40 people in this relatively small church! To end the evening we drove to another church in downtown Atlanta to hand out sandwiches, fruit, and water to the homeless population that lives around the church. We are geared up for the trip and ready to start the next day bright and early! 

Posted on March 19, 2015 .