Why Topical Groups?

Joining a small group was the first thing I ever did in Wesley. I came to Wesley worship one Sunday during the mid-spring of my freshman year after a lot of midterms and a lot of stress. I knew about Wesley because I had gone to a Christmas-themed worship held by Wesley the previous semester with a suitemate. I immediately felt the Big Wesley Love in the community around me that Sunday night and I distinctly remember Amanda Dean, our campus minister at the time, listing out the small group opportunities during announcements. The one that seemed most interesting to me was SPLAT. I managed to be introduced to the current SPLAT leader at the end of the service and that next Wednesday evening, I found myself wandering around Pittsboro Street trying to find the old Wesley building to attend SPLAT. Almost three years later, I’m still involved in Wesley and now I lead SPLAT. Without that Wednesday night and the subsequent craft-filled evenings to follow, my Wesley experience would have been drastically different. Joining a small group gave me an immediate community through which Wesley became my home-away-from-home during college. There’s something about the community that stems from spending time together away from the crowds of dinner and worship that make your small group so important in your Wesley and college life. By joining SPLAT, I always had a friend at the bigger gatherings to sit with or talk to before the event began, which makes such a difference when you're starting to get involved in something. It can be so hard to get involved with clubs or campus ministries or any sort of activity when you don't know anyone, especially when you're a freshman and starting to come later in the year. I would encourage anyone who’s ever thought about joining a small group or is striving to find closer friends and closer community within Wesley to find one that fits your schedule. Small groups make such a difference in your life.


To that end, Wesley offers three great kinds of small groups: topical, discipleship, and Freshley. SPLAT is a topical small group since we focus mainly on arts and crafts. Other topical small groups have included Bible 101 and various small groups led by our lovely interns. Topical small groups are great for people who want to join a community but maybe don’t want to get into a deeper discipleship group yet. They're also great for people who are interested in a specific topic, given the name. Wesley has a small group for everyone, and everyone should take part and join one!


-Savannah Nunnery, Class of 2016

Posted on October 29, 2015 .