Why Freshley Groups?

Why Small Groups?


My first semester at Carolina was an emotionally and spiritually difficult period of time. I struggled finding my place, feeling “at home”, and especially with being away from my home church. I joined a Freshley small group a few weeks into the semester, and instantly felt like, at least for one hour a week, I had a place that felt comfortable. There were people who expected me to be somewhere, valued my presence, and missed me when I was absent. Freshley was a community of people who were experiencing similar struggles to my own. Freshley was a safe space where I could share my faith, talk about my relationship with God, and ask questions.

After being involved with Wesley for a little bit longer, though, I realized that my Freshley small group was different than a lot of small groups I had been a part of in the past. Freshley was more of a community in the sense that my peers in Wesley became some of my best friends at Carolina. Fellowship is an essential component of growing as the body of Christ, and joining a Freshley small group allowed me to do this while also feeling more connected to the greater Wesley community.

Welsey has become one of my greatest loves here at Carolina, and that is largely thanks to the way I felt plugged into the ministry by the Freshley small group leaders. This year I am blessed to continue my presence in Freshley with a wonderful group of first years who show me each week what it means to be the light of the world as followers of Christ. Joining a small group at Wesley, for me, meant being loved, having the opportunity to share my love with others, and loving God together with my community.


-Bailey Brislin, Class of 2018

Posted on October 27, 2015 .