Meet Our Intern - Sarah Belles

Oh heyyyy. My name is Sarah Belles and I am the other ministry intern this year (along with Brent! You can learn about him a few blog posts before this one!)  I am a third year Duke Divinity student, working hard to get my Master’s of Divinity.  This will be my second year serving UNC Wesley Campus Ministry and I couldn’t be more pleased! Last year was a joy and a blessing, and I can’t wait to see how this year unfolds. I am excited for us to walk together this year as we seek out Love and explore how to be an authentic and faithful community. I look forward to getting to know each of you better.

To follow suit with Brent and Kayln, below are 15 things you might not already know about me…

1. I grew up in Cary, NC. For those out-of-town folks Cary is about 30 minutes southeast of Chapel Hill, and it is commonly referred to as the “Consolidated Area of Relocated Yankees.” Well… my parents moved from NY just before I was born….so there’s that.  Anywho, I have two younger, yet much taller, brothers who still live at home with my parents. 

2. I absolutely love the mountains. I went to Appalachian State University for undergrad and spent more hours than I can count on the Blue Ride Parkway soaking in all of God’s beautiful creation! If you ever want to take a spur of the moment trip to the mountains, I would be more than thrilled to join you!

3. Speaking of App, while I lived there I was a Teaching Fellow and studied middle grades education, concentrating in science and language arts. (Seriously, I love middle schoolers!)

4. Just like my Pop-Pop, I can wiggle my ears.

5. I loathe but desperately want to love bananas and eggs.

6. When I was four years old, my grandma’s cat fell through the ceiling onto where my brother and I were playing.  (Yes, fell through the ceiling…paws sprawled out, meowing wildly, fur sticking straight up…) Well, long story short, my brother and I ended up on America’s Funniest Home videos.  We didn’t win any money, but once in a blue moon they replay the video on reruns.

7. I have been out of the country twice, once in high school on a mission trip to Bolivia and this past summer with Wesley to Haiti!

8. I am a huge Harry Potter fan! Sirius is my favorite character, and naturally the third is my favorite book. For years I refused to watch the movies because I was so devoted to the books and I didn’t want the movies to distort how I pictured everything. But, I got over that so if you want to have a Harry Potter marathon, let me know!

9. I am currently seeking ordination in the United Methodist Church, and when I graduate I hope to serve as a campus minister or maybe working with those exploring a call to ministry!  That being said, if you think you might want to go to divinity school or possibly serve in a ministry-kind of role, I would love to hear your thoughts!

10. I spent this past summer working at a non-profit in Nashville, TN for women who were homeless and wrestling with both drug addiction and mental illness. Many of our efforts were focused on family reunification, so I got to spend a lot of time not only with the women in the program but also their children whom were equally affected by homelessness and the co-occurring illnesses.  It was an incredibly challenging but beautiful experience, and I would love to tell you about it if you are interested! 

11. A nun taught me how to water-ski. No joke.

12. I would really love to go to Alaska one day. Anyone else interested?

13. Barbara Brown Taylor is one of my role models in life.  If I could recommend one author to read, it would be her. For real. An Altar in the World and Leaving Church are just two of my favorites!

14. I love photography! Taking pictures is spiritual practice for me.  It encourages me to slow down and notice beauty all around me. 

15. I am so excited to see how the Spirit moves through Chapel Hill and Wesley this year. I hope you will join us for a meal, a worship service, or even a retreat! If you ever need anything, a joke, a listening ear, a prayer, or if you ever want to hang out, please call, text, Facebook, or email me!

For real, let me know if you ever want to hang out! I am excited to get to know you better!

Big Wesley Peace and Love,
Sarah Belles :)

Posted on September 10, 2013 .