Get to Know Our Wesley Fellow, Kayln Thaw

Howdy! I’m Kayln Thaw, and I have the immense blessing of serving as the first ever Wesley Fellow for the 2013-2014 school year. As a Fellow, I get to serve alongside our campus minister, Duke Divinity interns, and our student leaders. The Wesley Fellows program is designed for students who are recent graduates discerning their call into ministry. It is my hope that I can serve as a resource to help shape our understanding as a community in what it means to be disciples of Christ and servant leaders. I am particularly excited to help in developing our small groups, first-year ministry, and continuing to imagine all the ways in which we can worship God together within Wesley and throughout the community. I have created a page through that will be my page that I will post updates on my experiences as a Wesley Fellow. Feel free to check it out here:

So, since most of you have known me since I am a former student leader of Wesley, Brent’s list has inspired me to present you with:

15 things you didn’t already know about Kayln Thaw:

1. I come from a multi-faith family. I was baptized and confirmed into the United Methodist Church when I was twenty. My parents let me explore my faith on my own and never pressured me into a certain path.

2. I do not know how to ride a bike. Feel free to give me lessons.

3. I recently discovered the magic that is corn in a salad. I’m kinda obsessed. (Particularly on a chicken bowl from Chipotle. Lookin’ at you, Brent…)

4. currently has essentially no information on my family history. I am convinced my grandparents were participants in the witness protection program.

5. In middle school, I was the main anchor for our morning news program that aired daily. Nothing says awk quite like the entire school watching you go through puberty via the comfort of their homeroom TVs.

6. I wish Miss Rowling would have pulled a Hamlet at the end of the Harry Potter series. I never read the books/saw the movies, so I’m still not entirely sure what a hufflepup is.

7. My creativity is sparked by imagining ways in which we can connect to one another, whether it’s through music, our faith, or common life experiences. Nothing makes me happier than connecting with a complete stranger while in the grocery store check-out line. How beautiful is that?

8. Not gonna lie-my ability to quote “The Big Lebowski” is pretty impressive.

9. I broke my wrist in fifth grade by literally running into a wall during gym. Seriously.

10. If I see something adorable (kittens, babies, Eric Geiger wearing toe socks, etc.), I will scream loudly from excitement.

11. I am a bartender. Feel free to stop by and visit me at Bailey’s! If you serenade me with T-Pain’s bartender song, I’ll be sure to get you some free wings.

12. In high school, I was president of a country show choir. Yeehaw!

13. Speaking of which, I actually have a pretty thick accent, but I keep it on the dl when I’m not at home in the mountains.

14. I have a weekly ritual of belting Bobby Brown’s “Don’t Be Cruel” alone in my car.

15. I could not be more excited for the upcoming year and for God to reveal what is in store for this ministry and community.

Big Wesley Love,

Posted on July 24, 2013 .