So many modern critiques of our society point to our consumerist nature as detrimental to our relationship with God and the church.  But in our small group, CONSUMED, we’ve talked about the possibility that we aren’t actually as obsessed with our things as we’ve been made out to be – in fact, maybe we our problem is that we’re not very attached to our things at all!  Most people would define consumerism as greed.  And greed generally means to hoard the possessions you have or to covet new things.  We’ve talked about how our culture actually might have a completely opposite mindset – instead of valuing the possessions we have, we see them as dispensable or easily replaceable.  We’d rather have the newer, “better” version of any product out there, and we don’t want to wait to get it.  Instead of valuing the things that we do have, we are constantly pressured to feel as though what we have is not enough.

We’ve also discussed in our small group about how consumerism contrasts with communion.  I mean, communion is the way in which we consume the body of Christ – so what makes that different from the kind of consumerism that pulls us away from God?  Each week, our small group meets and discusses some of these tough questions, drawing from both scripture and our own experiences.  Each week, we commit to a small challenge related to consumerism: one week, we made a point to say a prayer as we got dressed each morning to thank God for our choices of clothing.  In weeks to come, we’re looking forward to discussing tithing and stewardship as well as other topics related to the material world in which we live.  We’d love to have you join us – we meet in the Loft on Tuesdays at 8pm.

Posted on November 12, 2013 .