Come and See What God Has Done - Fall Retreat 2013

Last Friday through Sunday, we went to North Myrtle Beach for our Fall Retreat, and it was a great weekend full of Worship, beach time, and Big Wesley Love!

My marvelous car mates - Kylie (an excellent driver), Brent, and Carly – deserve a shout out for leaving campus at precisely 2pm on Friday. A little while into our trip, we stopped in Dunn, North Carolina, to give our new Nebraskan friend Brent his first taste of Cookout. Milkshakes in tow, we were back on our way! After passing many groups of bikers and fantastically tacky stores, we arrived at the Myrtle Beach Christian Retreat Center (MBCRC). Although we hadn’t stayed there before, the center had a great Worship space and dining hall, and it was only a ten minute walk from the beach. Our car had fun piling into Sarah Belles’ van with the rest of the staff to go to dinner at Dockside in Calabash, and once all of the cars had arrived to the MBCRC, we had our first Worship service. Melissa spoke about what it means to “Come,” and discussed the importance of invitations. We then broke into our small groups for the first time.

On Saturday morning, Chase talked about seeing, noting that we rely a lot on memory in crafting images and understanding sight. After another small group meeting, we had lunch and headed to the beach for Beach Olympics! While las Gafas de Sol didn’t win, I still think we put in the best performance… During our free time on the beach, we played soccer, went in the ocean, and walked on the beach. We had perfect beach weather in my opinion!

After our early bird dinner at 5pm, we took group pictures and sent people mini-golfing and to Barefoot Landing. At Worship, Erin spoke about “what God has done” in our lives, and we met in small groups for the last time before frantically beginning to write everyone Warm Fuzzies! Ultimately, EricA (one of the men from the other group staying at the MBCRC) had the fullest bag with quite a few Hot & Spicies from Brent (the Elder and the Younger) and a few Cold & Pricklies from Amanda…

On Sunday morning, we had a wonderful Worship service and Communion on the beach, and Michael spoke about going forward and sharing our experiences with others. We cleaned up our rooms at the MBCRC and left to return to Chapel Hill! But not before stopping at Krispy Kreme and the exact same Cookout (by coincidence) in the case of my car. Thanks to everyone who helped plan the retreat and who shared their stories – you all helped make it a wonderful weekend!


Posted on October 13, 2013 .