2018 Wesley Spring Retreat


2018 Wesley Spring Retreat


Garden City Chapel, Garden City, SC (AKA, the BEACH!)

Feb. 23-25

What is Spring Retreat?  If you went on Fall Retreat, it's like that, but in the Spring and at the Beach!  If you didn't go on Fall Retreat, it's a great chance to get away for the weekend with all your friends and to push pause on the pressures of school to instead spend time exploring what it means to be Christian and to be the Church.  Did we mention it's at the Beach?

What makes this retreat special?  We will be exploring the theme Sabbath throughout the weekend, taking a deeper look at rest from the perspective of our faith. We will examine what sabbath rest looks like, where we find rest, and explore how we can cultivate healthy habits of rest in our daily lives.

We'll leave campus on Friday, February 23 (we'll be sure to accommodate everyone's class schedule), and arrive back on campus mid-afternoon on Sunday, February 25.

The $40 fee covers everything other than stops along the road for dinner on Friday and lunch on Sunday.  And yes, it includes the latest Wesley t-shirt.

If you'd rather not pay online, you can fill out a paper form in the Loft and pay with cash or check (M-Th, 10:00 AM - 4:30 PM). 

If you really want to go, but need help with the registration fee, contact Campus Minister, Ryan Spurrier (ryan@uncwesley.org, 919.808.6339).

See you at the Beach!


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